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Sometimes I just have to pay a little visit to my At First Sight babes once they are a little older and I just die at their sweetness!  I could eat them up ALL DAY LONG!



Birth Photography – Baby Bump Booking Bonus!

As a thank you to all clients who book birth photography, I will happily take 3 belly shots for them as a keepsake of their journey.

The shots are taken during our consultation around the 34-36 week mark and they are delivered in hi-res with personal printing rights.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all my wonderful ‘At First Sight’ Daddy’s!! I hope you all had an amazing day celebrating with your beautiful families!

Breastfeeding Today has featured one of my ‘At First Sight’ supportive Daddy’s on their facebook page today! Enjoy all the Daddy Love!


‘Breastfeeding Today’ Feature – James’ baby toes

Breastfeeding Today shared a “Mother’s Story” today and it featured one of my At First Sight babes’ adorable little toes!

Check it out


30 Gorgeous Canadian Professional Birth Images

Check out this compilation published by Canadian Birth Photographers for an amazing collection of Canadian Birth Photos – including one of our very own!  So honoured to be featured with this incredible Canadian talent!

Canadian Birth Photography has grown so much over the last couple of years, especially! I’m happy to know that so many families are deciding to capture this special and fleeting time…such a gift!


Cosmopolitan Feature – Bottlefeeding baby Jessie

What a cool honour to be contacted by to be featured in an article celebrating the beauty of bottlefeeding – check out all the gorgeous images of bottlefeeding Mamas —

My recent post about Nate’s bottlefeeding journey caught their eye and they decided on an image of one of my beautiful At First Sight Mama’s, Megan, bottlefeeding her darling baby girl, Jessie.



A Bottlefeeding Journey : Meet Baby Nate

Sometimes, despite the best of our intentions, our words can make others feel as though they are being judged for who they are, the circumstances they may find themselves in, or the choices they make.  When we present or celebrate something as inherently good, beautiful, and “natural”, we can indirectly contribute to devaluing other perspectives to the point that others can feel ashamed for who they aren’t and what they can’t or choose not to do. This is sometimes the case when we talk about breastfeeding and bottlefeeding.

In acknowledging and honouring the multiple perspectives that exist, I want to introduce you all to a dear friend of mine, Kristen, and her sweet little guy, Nate.  Kristen was generous enough to share with us her personal journey regarding this highly sensitive issue: breast vs. bottle.  I hope you will take the time to read it with an open mind and heart.

Before becoming pregnant, I was on the fence of whether or not I wanted to breastfeed or bottle feed. I had read articles about the pros and cons of both, but still didn’t know what I would decide to do, come the time, as they equally sounded ‘right’.

When I became pregnant, I started thinking about this decision more seriously and made the choice that I wanted to bottle feed my baby. There were some determining factors that helped aid me in this decision: I liked the idea that my husband would be able to participate in the most intimate act of feeding our baby from the day it was born. I liked that I might be able to sleep for more than four hours at a time because my husband could do a nighttime feed, but I also read formula ‘can’ make a baby feel full, longer. I liked knowing exactly how much my baby was eating, down to the very last ounce. But most importantly, I didn’t like the idea of having to pull out my breasts in public to feed my baby. I consider myself a fairly conservative person and the anxiety I experienced in thinking about this made me feel very uncomfortable. So, bottle feeding just felt a little less stressful to me personally, and it felt like it would be the right choice for our family.                      [post continues below…]


Our little Nathan was born 6 weeks pre-mature and ended up spending the first 5 days of his precious life in the hospital NICU. He had some health issues right off the bat so our decision to bottle feed actually ended up being the only option. The hospital provided a name brand formula that I believe all bottle fed babies receive initially during their stay. Nathan was on this for his time spent in the NICU, but shortly after we brought him home he started having problems: vomiting after feeding, gagging, irritability, and very loose bowel movements leading to constipation. Being our first baby, we had no idea why this was happening! So after struggling to try to figure this out on our own, we brought him in to see our pediatrician which resulted in the diagnosis of him being lactose intolerant. Nathan was put on another formula to help, but unfortunately after that one and 3 other trials of formula, he was still having the same problems. Finally, he was put on a hypoallergenic formula for babies with an allergy to cow’s milk as a last resort and it worked! Despite the ups and downs early on, deciding to bottlefeed was without a doubt the right choice for my son and our family.


Today at 10 months of age, Nathan is a healthy, happy, curious, and adorable little boy. He is full of life, thriving each day, and with a very strong bond with my husband and me. He is spot on target with his weight, head circumference, and even above average in his height for his age. He is perfect!!


Here at At First Sight Birth Photography we love celebrating the beauty of breastfeeding, but we also want to celebrate the wonderful world of bottlefeeding!  As Kristen’s story makes clear, there are many benefits to both breast and bottlefeeding.  Although we don’t view one as inherently “ better” than the other, we do feel it is important to share breastfeeding photos so that women around the world can feel more comfortable feeding in public spaces without feeling judged or being shamed.

When it comes to bottlefeeding, just as it is important to acknowledge that breastfeeding may not even be an option for some mothers, it is equally important to acknowledge and respect the many perfectly wonderful and valid reasons to choose to bottlefeed. Some of these include (but are certainly not limited to): partners (and others) are able to share in the experience of feeding and bonding with your baby; you know how much food your baby gets at each feed; and some medications that can be harmful to your baby prevent breastfeeding. One of the most important reasons to acknowledge is that some women just aren’t comfortable with breastfeeding – in public, or in front of anyone for that matter – while others dislike the idea of a baby sucking on their breasts.  In fact, despite widespread misconception, some women don’t like their breasts being touched at all.  And some women don’t want the added stress of worrying about how others might respond or react to them breastfeeding, and frankly, they already have enough to worry about!  So, these are all completely normal and valid reasons women may bottle-feed, and there is absolutely no reason any women should feel ashamed or be shamed for her unique choices and circumstances.

Feeding babies is a beautiful thing.  No matter what a mother and her family does or chooses, it’s the right choice for her, her baby and her family.

Please join us in both honouring and celebrating all of the ways women and their families engage in one of life’s most intimate pleasures.

Announcing : Herbal Bath Mini Photo Sessions

Herbal Baths are such a great way to bond with your baby. They are especially great for the first week or two following birth but can be enjoyed for many months to come. They are so beneficial in the first couple of weeks for both Mom and Baby. In addition to the bonding and calming effects, some of the benefits include speeding the cord stump healing, helping to reduce cradle cap and nourishing delicate newborn skin.

They are also great for Moms who are healing from any types of births.  They can reduce swelling, help prevent infection and help speed perineum tearing or cesarean incision recovery. Truly amazing!

Here is sweet baby Jessie at 5 days old enjoying her first herbal bath with Mama….so relaxed!

Contact for pricing information. Herbal bath sessions can be added onto ‘Just Born’ or ‘Breastfeeding’ sessions for a small additional cost.


Laura & James : Clarington Babywearing Photographer

A little walk with Mama…

2014-09-30_0009 2014-09-30_0008 2014-09-30_0007 2014-09-30_0006  2014-09-30_0002 2014-09-30_0001

Laura & James : Clarington Breastfeeding Photographer

This little guy’s lashes and eyes had me from the get-go! And nevermind his beautiful mother!!

It was such a pleasure meeting this handsome little man and capturing the lovely bond he shares with his Mama.

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