Thanks so much for visiting my website!  My name is Amber and birth photography is a huge passion of mine.  There truly is nothing better for me than the days I brought my amazing children into the world and I love nothing more than documenting those most special days for other mothers and families.

I have an amazingly supportive and devoted husband, Paul, and three beautiful children; Charleigh, Taylor and Ryan, all of whom I absolutely cherish.

I have played ringette since I was 5 years old and continue to play with a terrific group of women.  We have gone from being undefeated in an entire season to struggling to come up with even one win in a season.  No matter the circumstance, one thing always remains the same; we have an absolute blast on the ice! Go Wild!

A few of my other special interests are scrapbooking, golfing, dancing, fishing, spending time at our trailer, vacationing and of course most importantly spending time with loved ones.

I think breastfeeding rocks! I nursed my daughter until she was 16 months, my second born until he was 2.5 years old and I’m still happily nursing my 20 month old.  While I truly love breastfeeding, I also have a huge admiration for bottlefeeding families and I know that each form of feeding comes with it’s own struggles for one reason or another.

I specialize in birth photography. Despite the occasional Just Born or Breastfeeding/Bottlefeeding/Babywearing Mini Session, birth photography is my passion and number one priority. It allows me to focus on my skills and expertise in providing my clients with the very best images which capture their incredibly special event.

Initially, becoming a birth photographer was something I didn’t even consider but once I realized my passion it all made sense to me. I have an incredible infatuation with candid photography. I think catching people in the midst of a “real” moment in still form is one of the most special, and oftentimes rare, things. I also have a strong love for birth and everything about it. Ever since I gave birth to my daughter, I have been completely amazed by the female body and have so much respect and admiration for women and mothers. I love documenting the real emotions and connections between people on that special day — the day that can seem like a whirlwind at the time — the day a baby is welcomed into the world.  My goal is to provide my clients with breathtaking images that they are able to look back on for years to come and help keep the memory of the arrival of their beautiful baby alive in their hearts, forever.

What really sealed the deal for me as a birth photographer was when I was scrapbooking my son’s birth. Every single time I looked at a photo my wonderful Doula took of my husband right after our son was born, I couldn’t help thinking, “everyone should get to experience this magical moment over and over again”. I’ve included the photo so you can see what I mean. Go ahead, I dare your heart not to melt just a little. : )